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Pages of Passion

Aerie - S.E. Wendel

Aerie - S.E. Wendel

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A knight in disgrace…
Banished to the cold northern reaches for doing what was right, Lady Maddalena is a knight in exile. Now the reluctant warden of an isolated, snowy prison, Lena is determined to keep her head down and serve her two-year sentence. No surprises, no mistakes, and maybe she can salvage the tatters of her life.

A prince of no one…
Broken in body and spirit, Bel lost everything in a single night—his crown, his freedom, his brother. Kept captive in a mountain castle for ten years, Bel has played the human king’s game and bided his time. His chance for escape is coming, but he never planned on this new warden with a kind heart and sense of honor. All the humans have ever shown him is cruelty, but in Lena he finds something much more dangerous—a noble heart that calls to his own.

Their paths were never meant to cross…
As winter settles over their lonely mountain, the war between their people seems further away, and the boundaries between enemies begins to blur. A human knight and avian prince should have nothing between them but hate—yet neither can resist the attraction that grows in the dark of winter.

Their bond is fragile, forbidden, and doomed in the light of day. But for two broken souls, it may just be worth fighting for. If they are willing to pay the price…

Part 1 of the Broken Wings Duet.

Fans of Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Grace Draven, Beauty and the Beast, Lord of the Rings, and Jane Eyre will love this atmospheric fantasy romance duet with noble lady knights, winged lost princes, and enemies to lovers.

This title contains strong language and intimate scenes and therefore is meant for readers 18+. Minor cliffhanger warning.
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