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Broken Like You - Luna Pierce

Broken Like You - Luna Pierce

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From bestselling author Luna Pierce comes 550+ pages of gripping enemies-to-lovers romantic suspense about a bad boy with a dark secret, and a good girl with a haunted past.

Her toxic past.
His dangerous future.
A love worth dying for.


When I’m forced to move across the country, I use the unfortunate situation to distance myself from my abusive ex. I swear off sexy bad guys only to—quite literally—be knocked down by one the second I step into the courtyard of my new apartment complex.

He doesn’t even apologize—he just walks off!

Tired of being treated like I don't matter, I forget those emerald eyes and focus on securing a college scholarship. But fate throws us together when we enroll in the same English class, and I’m forced to tutor him. That's when I discover there’s good hidden beneath the surface.

But there are secrets too.


Working for a criminal organization means no one around me is safe. I only took the job to protect the innocent, and now I’m just biding my time, hoping to get out alive.

When Claire walks into my life, it’s like a defibrillator to my heart.

I vow to stay away, to make her hate me, to keep her from harm. But it becomes impossible when we’re thrown together, both at the college we attend and the complex we live in.

And once I get a taste of how sweet she is, there’s no turning back. The desire to please and protect her is far too strong to resist.

But when secrets are exposed and our pasts come back to haunt us, we’re not just fighting for our hearts–but for our lives.

Broken Like You is a gritty, suspenseful standalone romance set in the Sinners and Angels Universe. Themes of narcissistic abuse (not from the hero), violence, and on the page love making. Dual POV. And a happily ever after. Meant for mature audiences.

AUTHOR NOTE: Previously individually titled Tortured Sinner and Fallen Angel, published by Tessa James.
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