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Spitefully Yours -Aja Jorgensen

Spitefully Yours -Aja Jorgensen

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Tanvi is stunning and calculated, especially when it comes to the ultimate revenge plan. For years, she’s used her beauty to target and manipulate men, leaving a trail of broken hearts in her wake. But when her high school crush, Jamie, fails to recognize her, Tanvi sees an opportunity to get revenge one last time.

She meticulously plans to make him fall in love with her and then break his heart. She just has to keep her own heart under control. Should be easy, right?

In this fun and heartfelt novel, Aja Jorgensen explores the power of spite and the consequences of letting it consume us. Can Tanvi find a way to heal from her past and move forward, or will her thirst for revenge and lack of trust leave her heartbroken once again?

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