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Strength - Amy Daws

Strength - Amy Daws

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He thought getting a second chance at life was hard enough, but resisting the pull he has towards her will test all of his strength.

Vi Harris comes with baggage most men run from. Namely, a famous ex footballer for a father and four brothers who all followed in his footsteps. Brothers Vi helped raise after their mother died.

Dating is nearly impossible when the infamous Harris Brothers use their talents on the soccer field to block any love interests from getting too close to their sister. But Vi is finally branching out from the shadows of her famous footballing family and ready to start her own life.

Hayden Clarke isn’t the guy you take home to meet your family. He’s brooding, troubled, and just survived the darkest days of his life. Which is why a distraction like Vi could cost him everything.

However, when Vi’s bright, cheeky smile and oversized dog crash into him without warning, he can’t help but get wrapped up in her. Despite his better judgement, he enlists Vi to help him with a special assignment that’s anything but romantic.

Through it all, she doesn’t see Hayden’s flaws. She doesn’t see him as broken. She sees him as the man he’s been fighting his whole life to be.

But what happens when her strength becomes his weakness?

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