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Sweet Sin - Sav R. Miller

Sweet Sin - Sav R. Miller

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From USA Today bestselling author Sav R. Miller comes a steamy Promises and Pomegranates prequel about the night of forbidden passion leading up to Kal and Elena's wedding.

Kal Anderson is a stone-cold fixer, both in the literal and figurative sense. Nicknamed Doctor Death, he prefers to keep his messes confined to his workspace and out of his personal life. Still, when it comes to the notorious Ricci crime family, he can’t seem to catch a break.

He’s not supposed to notice his boss’s daughter, or engage in any way with her, considering the sordid history he has with both of her parents.

Elena Ricci won’t let him go without a fight, though. Not with the date of her arranged wedding on the horizon. Knowing she and Kal can’t be together, Elena wants just one night to explore their mutual attraction.

A night of freedom before she becomes someone else’s forever.

On the eve of her twentieth birthday, any resolve Kal held seems to snap, and he finds himself doing the very thing he swore he wouldn’t… giving in.

For one night only, he’ll indulge in the sweetest of sins and discover that a single taste of the forbidden fruit will never be enough.

Sweet Sin is a 16,000 word prequel intended to be read before Promises and Pomegranates, and was originally published in the Omertà Christmas Anthology and was available on the author's website for a limited time. It is not a standalone, and is a dark romance that contains mature language, themes, and content that may not be suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised. For a full list of content warnings, please visit the author's website.
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