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The Boyfriend List - J.L. Wyer

The Boyfriend List - J.L. Wyer

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High school is about to get complicated for Maegan Murphy. The quiet, nerdy girl who wears science-themed graphic T-shirts, posts videos about frogs, and likes to hang out in the school library reading books. The shy, awkward girl with two left feet who is prone to having monumentally embarrassing accidental mishaps; something Maegan blames on her last name, Murphy. As in Murphy's Law, the adage that states: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." And Maegan's biggest Murphy's Law mishap of all? The Boyfriend List—a secret list of the names of all the boys she has ever had a crush on. A list she creates in a moment of feeling sorry for herself because she feels like she's the only girl in school who has never had a boyfriend. Has never been kissed. Has never found that special someone who sees her and not the awkward, weird sister of her older, very popular brother and star pitcher of the varsity baseball team, Braedan.

Maegan doesn't realize it yet, but that dreaded Murphy's Law she feels cursed with may just give her what she has always wanted. And it all begins with an accidental hallway collision into Grayson Ramsey, her best friend's very cute older brother, a wayward half-eaten apple core that hits Christian Alexander in the back of the head at lunch, and a lost Boyfriend List. The list that includes the names of both Christian Alexander and Grayson Ramsey. The list she swears she put in her backpack but absolutely, positively cannot find. The list that suddenly appears taped onto every locker and on every wall at school the next morning. The list that changes everything.

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