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The Hundred Loves of Juliet - Evelyn Skye

The Hundred Loves of Juliet - Evelyn Skye

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After a bad breakup, Helene Janssen runs away to Alaska to find some peace and quiet. She’s been dreaming up bits and pieces of a novel for years and hopes to finally have time to write it.

On her first night there, Helene meets Sebastien Montague, a crab fisherman who looks exactly like the hero in the book she’s working on. But how is that even possible?

Sebastien seems to recognize Helene, too, but he lies about it and brushes her off, even though their chemistry is immediate and undeniable.

This is because their love story defies the ages: She is Juliet, reincarnated, and he is Romeo, lost in time. And if Helene can convince Sebastien to give her a chance, maybe this time they can rewrite their ending and find a true happily-ever-after.
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