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100 Lifetimes of Us - Maggie Gates

100 Lifetimes of Us - Maggie Gates

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Every good baker has secret recipes, but that’s not the secret that could put Annie in danger.

To her quaint New England community, she’s the sweet owner of Annie’s Pies, but the world knows Annie Smith as someone else entirely.

When the threat moves closer to home, Annie must choose between life as she knows it or the unknown.

Miles Zhou is no stranger to a fight. A decade in the ring as an MMA fighter taught him a thing or two about adversity—and how to take down a threat quickly and quietly. He’s the perfect addition to the executive protection team at Keller & Associates.

Playing bodyguard to a small-town baker shouldn’t be a difficult job, but Annie Smith isn’t sugar and spice and everything nice.

She’s pies, lies, and in disguise.
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