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183 Reasons - Alanna Grace

183 Reasons - Alanna Grace

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Solia Anderson will do anything to save her family’s remote log cabin from sale. Tired of her Rhode Island life where, at any moment, she might bump into a reminder of her bad taste in men, she bravely trades creature comforts for untamed adventure. Suitcase (and stubborn determination) packed, she retreats to the quiet shores of Newfound Lake, New Hampshire, where she lazed away her childhood summers.

However, her plans for an uncomplicated, solitary life fall short when she crosses paths with Jackson Christianson, town heartthrob, while she loads the bed of her truck in the lot of the local hardware store.

As sparks fly and romance takes root, Jackson’s well-guarded secret threatens their burgeoning passion. When his longing for Solia becomes unbearable, he must choose between mending his heart or shattering their newfound love.

In this compelling narrative of burning desire, heartrending loss, and joyous self-discovery, Solia and Jackson’s journey is a testament to the power of true love.
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