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3 Count - Nikki Castle

3 Count - Nikki Castle

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A charming ladies' man that everybody loves.
A badass photojournalist that treats every day as a new adventure.
A friends with benefits relationship.

When Aiden and Dani meet on his college campus, their playful banter and physical chemistry immediately draw them to each other. It's easy for one accidental meet-cute to become a standing date, and for a certain understanding to develop between them. Because neither one of them has any interest in anything serious.

Over time, their physical relationship blossoms into an actual friendship. Before long, they're texting for no reason, meeting each other's friends, and spending nights together that don't end between the sheets. But the closer they get, the more both of their apprehension toward relationships becomes an obstacle between them.

While Aiden struggles to balance his feelings for Dani with his long-term fear of abandonment, Dani is forced to reexamine her past and her reasons for not wanting to get close to anyone.

Will Aiden and Dani be able to get past their relationship fears and let themselves fall in love? Or will their mistrust of love keep them from their happy ending?

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3 Count features strong language and explicit sexual scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

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