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A Better Proposal - Ellory Douglas

A Better Proposal - Ellory Douglas

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Jill Northrop has an impressive career, a fervent desire for control, and a sudden need to get as far away from her old life as possible. So the timing is perfect when her firm offers her a contract across the country. New city, new job, new people. She couldn’t have planned her fresh start any better.

Until she meets her first client.

Dr. Alex Campbell shows up in her office: the glowering, impossible teacher’s assistant who made her first year of university miserable. He’s perpetually disorganized, chronically late, and ready to do just about anything to get his tech to market. That anything includes letting his partner talk him into hiring Jill to write the funding proposal for their start up.

But eight years later, Alex isn’t the same moody tyrant she remembers. And now thrown together in his tiny office, Jill finds herself having unprofessional feelings for her smart, good-looking client.

And that is not in her plan.

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