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A Crown of the Gods - S.M. Gaither

A Crown of the Gods - S.M. Gaither

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Gods have fallen.

A queen is rising.

And the world will never be the same.

The highest throne in the Kethran Empire lies vacant, its once-ruler now a god-ascending, bringing more chaos and darkness to an already chaotic world. The line between the divine and mortal realms is blurring. The battlefield is set. A final, devastating war is on the horizon.

Casia Greythorne has finally come home to claim the throne that is rightfully hers-one that she hopes she can use to unite her empire and help it survive a war with the very gods themselves. But to take hold of her crown, she'll have to wrestle it free of a past that she's avoided for too long. One that is even more complicated than she realized.

The answers she needs to win her war-and save her world and the people she loves-all lie within that past...

But discovering them might destroy any hope she has of a future.


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