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Pages of Passion

A Lair of Bones - Helen Scheuerer

A Lair of Bones - Helen Scheuerer

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Desperate to save my dying mother, I sacrifice myself to a repulsive crime boss.

The cost? I must produce him an heir.

I accepted my terrible fate until I met them. Three very different, alluring men.

Silver, the brutal silver fox, who thrives on solving problems, and helped me get rid of a body.

Alec, the intelligent golden retriever, who will do anything for me, even get his hands dirty.

And Miller, the mysterious billionaire stalker with scars and tattoos, whose haunted past mirrors my own.

With one month remaining until my life truly is no longer my own, I realize I must choose between my life or my mother’s.

I struggle with trust and acceptance as I’m caught in a dance of danger and forbidden desire.

But with every glimmer of hope, my cruel reality forces me to ask the inevitable question…

Will love be my redemption, or will it 
ruin my life?

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