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Against The Odds - Kristen Granata

Against The Odds - Kristen Granata

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TJ Cutler’s life has been anything but easy. Looking at him now, no one would guess that the successful MMA fighter and business owner was once a homeless drug addict who witnessed his father brutally murder his mother when he was just a child. But TJ knows how harsh reality can be for some, and he dedicates his life to helping those who are struggling like he once did.

Carla Evans thought that her life was perfect until everything fell apart. Determined to start over, she moves to a new town ready to check items off of her bucket list. She didn’t plan for a steamy one-night stand with a muscular, tattooed fighter. She also didn’t know that he’d end up being the boss at her new job a week later. She tries to keep things professional, but they're unable to resist their attraction to each other.

Carla is the uptight, buttoned-up contrast to TJ’s fearless and outgoing nature. He shows her how to live outside the box she constructed for herself, and pushes her past her comfort zone. But Carla soon realizes that TJ is the one in need of help – and love.

Can Carla break through the walls of TJ’s damaged past, or are his wounds too deep to be healed?
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