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Alien God - Ursa Dax

Alien God - Ursa Dax

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I’ve been cursed with a prophecy. I will murder my own fated mate. Though it nearly destroys me, I vow never to find her.
What I do find are humans invading my world and stealing from my land. Those I do not kill flee from my rage, leaving behind one terrified yet defiant woman.
I take Torrance back to my castle to interrogate her, though I have neither time nor patience for a prisoner. I should be prioritizing joining the Council of the Gods. But only mated, married gods are granted access.
I do not have a bride.
But I do have an insolent human woman in my tower. And she’s just desperate enough to strike a bargain with me…


Wylfrael is the most powerful being I’ve ever encountered. A winged immortal who can kill with a mere wave of his hand. He’s arrogant and alien. Demanding and dangerous. Brutal, even beautiful, though I hate him too much to admit it.
He hates me, too.
But even though my captor despises me, he needs me. He requires a bride for political reasons and he makes me an offer I have no choice but to accept.
Marry him, play the part of his happy wife, and he’ll give me the one thing I want
My freedom.
But inside our fake marriage, hate turns into something else. Something dark and strange and needy. I don’t recognize my treacherous body, and as I slide further into my husband’s deadly grasp, I fight him with everything I have.
He can have my vow. He can even have my desire.
But if I let him get his claws into my heart…
He will never let me go .
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