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American Werewolf in Space - Alisha Sunderland

American Werewolf in Space - Alisha Sunderland

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On board this spaceship I’m only certain of two things:
1. The movies lied to me.
2. I’m about to mark an alien and take him like the beast I am.

Look, I didn’t believe in aliens either — until I was abducted by them.

Waking up on board a spacecraft among several other naked, terrified women prisoners mostly ruled out my government lab fears. Thank God.

But just in case, I tore our captors limb from limb.

That’s when I discover our fellow prisoner — General At’ens.
This alien is different from the others, mostly because he’s about ten times stronger, ten times — 
ahem —bigger, and... no. He can’t be my mate.

The things I’m imagining us doing are something no shifter should be contemplating with an alien. But if I’m going to hell, I’d rather earn my place...thoroughly.

My desires are about to become the least of my problems however, because like it or not we’re now embroiled in a vicious war of the planets — and that includes Earth.

If I want a home to go back to, I need to focus.

Yep, I’m screwed.

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