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Pages of Passion

Arrows and Apologies - Sav R. Miller

Arrows and Apologies - Sav R. Miller

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Mayor Alistair Wolfe had one job: hire a new assistant.

Preferably, someone who would look good in the position and not cause any scandals. At least, that’s what the criminals funding his career want.

He definitely wasn’t supposed to blackmail his one-night stand into working for him. Especially considering that she’s a blue-haired, tattooed thief with an attitude.

Cora Astor wasn’t looking for a relationship. She wasn’t even really looking for a job, but having an in with the mayor of the island where her brother went missing seemed like a good idea.

She didn’t expect her new boss to be the hot, British stranger she hooked up with the night before her interview, or for him to be so brazen with his desires. Now, despite her disdain for the dirty politician, she’s entwined their lives so tight that escaping seems unlikely.

Not that he’d let her go without a good chase.
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