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Pages of Passion

Avoidance - Kristen Granata

Avoidance - Kristen Granata

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Book 2 in The Collision Duet is a continuation of Collision, an emotional, slow burn, reverse grumpy/sunshine romance.

After the shocking ending of "Collision," Merritt Adams is now faced with the emotions she's buried for almost a decade. While her boyfriend goes off to fulfill his rock star dreams in California, Merritt is left to her own devices. She drowns her sorrows in alcohol, and spirals out of control. She’s headed down a familiar dark path – one that led her father to take his own life.

TJ Cutler is an MMA fighter who knows how dangerous inner demons can be. He may be the only person who can reach Merritt, having survived his own nightmarish childhood. But Merritt needs to prove that she’s willing to take responsibility for the choices she’s made, and commit to following TJ’s rules.

Merritt accepts TJ’s help, and starts making the right choices. But the road to recovery isn’t easy. She falters and breaks TJ’s trust, disappointing him and herself. The only way for Merritt to move forward is by confronting the ghost she’s been running from all along.

Will Merritt give up and lose, or will she get up and fight?
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