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Bourbon Breakaway - Sienna Judd

Bourbon Breakaway - Sienna Judd

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My best friend’s sister is off-limits for more reasons than one.

Chasing NHL hockey stardom, I left a lot of good things behind in my small town. Jolie Hunter was one of them.

As my best friend’s younger sister, she’s always been off-limits for me. I made her a promise on prom night to be her friend, to protect her. I meant every word I said.

It was an easy promise to make then, but now, thirteen years later, it’s a hell of a lot harder.

Stuck together at my parents’ ranch for two weeks, Jolie is everywhere and she isn’t the girl I remember. She’s all woman, with mischievous eyes and a dirty laugh... No matter how hard I try, being friends isn't how I feel.

Two weeks to keep my hands off the hottest, most forbidden woman in Starlight Canyon?

It feels impossible. But we can never cross the line.

Because what Jolie doesn’t know is, I didn’t just make a promise to her all those years ago. I made another that same day.

And it’s one that could break us both.

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