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Broken Beauty - Ketley Allison

Broken Beauty - Ketley Allison

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The charmer.
The stalker.
The tortured leader.
The unhinged psychopath.

I never believed in love - until I met them. The four enigmatic men who would change my life forever.

When I discover the existence of a hidden fortune of an accused witch from the 1700s on Titan Falls campus - a woman executed for poisoning noblewomen's husbands – I had no idea it would force me to choose between my own desires and the safety of those I loved.

Morgan, Xavier, Rio and Rossi are all after the treasure, too.

Their growing attraction to me complicates things. I can't help but feel drawn to each of their dark habits in a way that threatens to destroy me. I sense these men are hiding something, but every time I almost uncover the answer, they call to the darkness inside me as a distraction, the one I thought my morals consumed a long time ago.

As I get closer to the centuries-forgotten fortune, I know I'm playing a dangerous game. But when bloody trinkets start being left at my door, I realize I've gotten too close. Not to the accused witch's secret, but to theirs.

I find myself caught up in a web of power and desire that I'm ashamed to admit, thrills me. But as I struggle to navigate their treacherous games, I begin to question everything I know about love, lust, and the human heart.

And in the end, I'm not sure if I'll be the one left standing.


One woman, four men, and a hidden treasure that could be the death of her - Will she uncover the truth in time, or will her heart be the ultimate casualty?

Broken Beauty can be read on its own, but be warned - its twisted path intersects with the captivating world of Cruel Promise.
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