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Daughter of the Sun - Amanda - Auler

Daughter of the Sun - Amanda - Auler

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"But when all hope seems lost, and the world knows nothing but white, there will come one who will bring green."

Born without a Gift, Solyana must accept being ordinary amidst the extraordinary. But when blizzards devastate her valley and endanger village life, a prophetic sign emerges, proclaiming Solyana the savior.

Fulfilling the prophecy means leaving the valley and journeying into greater Mothmar--where every previous expedition has led to death.

Unwinding the mysteries of the past and present, Solyana's choices could spell survival or extinction for those she loves and unknowingly bind her to another...

"One who is all light to stand to the one who is all dark, of which there will be two."

Pallah, the object of her father's disdain and overshadowed by her siblings, is desperate for the home she's never had.

Accepted into a group of elusive zealots under the wrong pretenses, Pallah begins to discover she may be as dangerous to herself as she is portrayed to be to others.

On a night that changes her life forever, Pallah discovers her Gift is forbidden. Between her new group of friends and the persistent voice in her head, Pallah is pushed toward a decision that could send her into irreversible darkness.

Can Solyana find the truth to the prophecy before she is thrust into the awaiting abyss? Can Pallah discover her true purpose before her world collapses in on itself?

A story of friendship, family, and the choices that shape us. Dive into the world of Mothmar and experience magic, animal companionship, and adventure layered through time and dipped in mystery.

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