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Pages of Passion

Downpour - Maggie Gates

Downpour - Maggie Gates

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  • Rule #1 of almost dying: Make sure someone knows your passwords. It’s hard to cancel your phone plan if you’re dead.
  • Rule #2 of almost dying: Make sure your house is clean before you walk up the steps to the pearly gates. It makes selling off your life easier.

Back-up plans are for people who plan on losing.

All it took was eight seconds for me to win the biggest competition of my life, and one second to lose everything except that championship buckle.

I had left my family’s cattle ranch at eighteen with no intention of ever coming back for good.

Now I was back, stuck in a wheelchair with a beautiful disaster attempting to burn my house down.



  • Rule #1 of trying to not get fired: Don’t piss off the grumpy bull rider.
  • Rule #2 of trying to not get fired: When you do get fired, keep your chin up. The grumpy bull rider was hot.

It was just a little fire. Tiny, even. But that didn’t change the fact that Ray Griffith didn’t want me anywhere near him.

But we came to an agreement: I ignore him, and he doesn’t fire me.

Easy, right? Not so much when we can’t keep our hands off each other.

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