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Faked - Karla Sorensen

Faked - Karla Sorensen

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I should’ve known better than to swap places with my twin sister.

No one would ever believe that me, Claire Ward—the straight A student who never gets in trouble—, would impersonate her sister just to earn a night out with the guy she’s crushed on forever. But how else could I get her best friend Finn to notice me?

It would’ve worked perfectly. Except Finn wasn’t the guy to pick me up that night.

In Finn’s place—wearing a perfectly tailored tux and looking like sin—is his brother, Bauer. Finn’s exact opposite in every way, my date for the evening is a tattooed snowboarder with a sexy smirk and a chip on his shoulder the size of Mt. Olympus.

I should’ve known better. Because now the good girl is stuck with the bad boy for the night, and the consequences of that are much bigger than I could have imagined.
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