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Pages of Passion

Fierce King - Sadie Kincaid

Fierce King - Sadie Kincaid

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Today is my wedding day.
In a few breathless moments, I will be Mrs Alejandro Montoya.

He is the King of L.A, and everything a woman could want. Handsome, powerful, rich, and hotter than hell itself.

But I am not just any woman. I am Alana Carmichael and I’m only here to save my father. I will not bow to any king.

This is no fairy tale. This is my nightmare.

He is fierce and unyielding. I should hate him. But, the way he looks at me makes me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt before, and his touch sets my skin on fire.

And as I uncover the secrets of our pasts, I discover that monsters are not always what they seem. Sometimes, the real monsters look like ordinary men.
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