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Pages of Passion

Filthy Boy - Hannah Gray

Filthy Boy - Hannah Gray

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Loose cannon.

As one of college hockey’s most feared defensemen, I’ve been told I’m all those things and more. The ice is the only place where I can take my anger out on other people and get applauded for it.
The rougher I play, the dirtier I am, the more praise I get.

I suppose the same could be said about me in the bedroom.

I’m not the dude you want your daughter bringing home to meet you. Because your angel? Well, I’ll make sure her halo is crooked by the time I’m done with her.

But I’ve met my match. The one who won’t be so easy to leave behind.

And the thing with Bria Collins? She’s nobody’s angel.

But just because she doesn’t wear a halo … doesn’t mean she can handle my darkness.
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