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Finding Freedom - Valentina Burns

Finding Freedom - Valentina Burns

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When the price of freedom might cost her the best friend she's ever had...

For three years, Ivy Harrington has been running from one horrible night. She moved to the City of Roses, built a career, made connections. But her past still haunts her, and she's tired of the hold it has on her life...especially on her love life. So, she comes up with a plan. All she needs is a friend she trusts to get her back into the intimacy game.

Easy-going Sean Thompson tries to roll with the punches, but this time he doesn’t know what hit him. One minute, Ivy’s his best friend, work partner, and neighbor. The next she’s kissing him and asking him for the impossible. She wants casual and no-strings. All action with no commitments. Not exactly what he had in mind with the woman who’s held a piece of his heart since she arrived in Portland, Oregon.

There’s something there, though, hiding behind the cool determination of her eyes. He just can’t quite figure out what.

Can Sean give Ivy what she wants and keep his heart out of it? Or will this arrangement destroy their friendship and expose every secret they have?

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