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Focused - Karla Sorensen

Focused - Karla Sorensen

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You know the hot neighbor boy you crushed on all your teenage years? Imagine seeing him ten years later and he turns out to be a complete jerk, then you know how I feel.

Our last encounter was awkward, given I’d climbed into his bedroom window to turn my unrequited crush into something ... requited. That day was bad enough, but things just got worse.

Noah Griffin turned himself into one of the best football players in the country and a transfer to the Washington Wolves— the team I work for—lands him on my doorstep. The timing couldn't be worse, because my boss just handed me the opportunity of a lifetime. And that promotion rides squarely on Noah's big, muscular, condescending shoulders.

He wants nothing to do with me, and the feeling is so very mutual. But for the sake of my career, I can ignore all those things about him that drive me insane. His eyes. His mouth. His big, big … hands. Until one day, we can’t ignore them anymore.

You know what they say about the line between love and hate though? They’re so very right.
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