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Follow The River - CE Ricci

Follow The River - CE Ricci

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I've never been one to back down from a challenge.
Rather than shy away, I grit my teeth and use it as an opportunity to prove myself.
Not just in football, but also in life.
Even when I was thrown through a loop in discovering I was bisexual, I embraced it.
Owning it so no one can use it as ammunition against me.
But when Ciaráin Grady comes barreling into my life with his venomous tongue and amber eyes brimming with disdain,
I realize every test of my character and strength could never have prepared me for the trial he holds.
One that toes the line of love and hate.
It's all-consuming and toxic.
Yet under the layers of revulsion he masks his face with, I see it.
A glimmer of lust from deep within his secretive, broken soul.
And when we're thrown together under heinous circumstances,
the distinction between enemy and lover begins to blur.
So...what is Ciaráin Grady to me?
I'm only certain that he is the greatest challenge of my life.

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