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For Now, Not Forever - C.W Farnsworth

For Now, Not Forever - C.W Farnsworth

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One boy. One girl. Two feuding towns.


At some point, summer became my least favorite season. It begins the build toward the inevitable highs and lows of football. Losing isn’t a trait anyone looks for in a quarterback, and I never won when it mattered. Arlington University was supposed to be a fresh start. But infamy isn’t easily forgotten— especially when everyone knows my twin sister is dating my biggest rival. Constant reminders of their relationship have me just as on edge about Alleghany as I was in high school. Spending a weekend sleeping across the hall from Natalie Jacobs doesn’t help. The popular, pretty blonde didn’t just celebrate each of my defeats—she literally led the cheer against me. Just my luck the last girl who should pique my interest is also the only one who ever has.


Spending the summer back in Alleghany, dealing with my parents’ problems, is the last place I want to be. I jump at the chance to spend a weekend away, visiting a college friend. I’m not expecting to know anyone else visiting her cottage on the Cape, much less come face-to-face with Glenmont’s infamous former quarterback. Not-so affectionately known as Sergeant Stevens on my side of the lake, Liam is still every bit the stoic, serious rule-follower I watched bark orders on the field for four years. Sure, he’s nice to look at—especially shirtless—but that’s where any interest begins and ends. The one thing Liam and I agree on is the rivalry between our hometowns isn’t a surpassable boundary. And if we 
did allow ourselves to cross it, it would only be for now…not forever.
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