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Pages of Passion

Genesis - Paige P. Horne

Genesis - Paige P. Horne

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How old were you when you committed your first crime?

Or have you ever?

I was only thirteen.

The smell of moonshine still drifted in the air as Johnny and I turned around to watch the house and the man inside burn.

A noise from behind causes us to look back, revealing a girl with hot pink socks, black boots, and wide, curious eyes.

She wasn't supposed to be there.
She wasn't supposed to witness what me and Johnny did that day.

The truth is, I fell for Bexley Walker the moment she promised she'd never tell.

But our time together was short-lived for I am who I've always been. A man on the wrong side of the law. I thought I could change for her, but we can't outrun the truth that lies within us.

I am my father's son. Born to be a criminal.
Now, because of me, we're both in danger. Held against our will. Tied and locked in a room together, we are forced to relive the love we once shared.
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