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Good Game - Madison Fox

Good Game - Madison Fox

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They said never fall for the bad boy.

Stevie Andwell would rather poke her eye out with her Louboutin heel than get back together with her cheating ex-boyfriend. In fact, she would much rather celebrate her newly single life by getting down and dirty with one of the most famous video game streamers of this generation. Sure, she has no idea who Blade is—his identity is hidden behind the mask he wears—but it’s just one night of fun. No harm, no foul. Right?

Wrong .

Because Blade is Aleksander Knight, the tattooed bad boy Stevie is currently falling for. Aleksander can’t risk his identity being discovered…but the closer he gets to Stevie, the harder it becomes to keep his secret. If he’s not careful, it’ll be Game Over.


GOOD GAME is the first novel in The System series, which follows three rich and famous video game streamers as they fall in love. Each book is a standalone romance and contains explicit spicy scenes. A happily ever after is always guaranteed, and there is no cheating! (Well, except for Stevie’s ex…)
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