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Hail Mary - Kandi Steiner

Hail Mary - Kandi Steiner

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Leo F*cking Hernandez.


North Boston University's star running back, notorious bachelor, and number one on my people I would murder if I could get away with it list.


And now?

He's my new roommate.


I used to think I loved him.

But that was before I hated him.


He doesn't remember who I am, or how he made my life miserable for years. And before I unknowingly moved across the street from him, I couldn't have cared less. I was living my life despite him and what happened that summer, chasing my dream of becoming a tattoo artist.


"The Pit," as the university so gracefully nicknamed the house he lives in with three other football players, has served as nothing more than a pain in my ass and a constant reminder of the boy who broke my heart. Watching him parade his one-night-stands in and out of it never helped, either.


But with rent this cheap and so close to the tattoo shop, I've learned to ignore him - no matter how he's tried to get under my skin.


At least, until this summer. Because when a water and mold disaster leaves me with no choice but to vacate my house, I have nowhere to go. And Leo Hernandez offers me a deal I can't refuse.


Live at The Pit with him and the guys, free of charge, until my landlord fixes this mess.


Ignoring him was easy when I lived across the street, but in the same house, with him shirtless half the time and watching me with his cocky grin and searing gaze? It's impossible.


Still, I have to try. I have to push him away, even when he makes it infuriatingly difficult to do so.


He's broken my heart once.

I won't let him do it again.

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