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Haven - S.E. Wendel

Haven - S.E. Wendel

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A knight who laid down her sword…
Lady Maddalena is a knight no more. Lena knew what she gave up the night she freed the avian prince she was meant to keep imprisoned. Breaking her oath, choosing love over duty—she regrets none of it. But the wilderness is a vast, dangerous place, and Lena is far beyond the regimented world she knew. Without a heading or allies, she must rely only on her wits to finally find a safe place for her, Bel, and any future they hope to have together.

A prince who must take up his crown…
Bel is a prisoner no longer. Now bound irrevocably to the human knight who freed him and holds his heart, Bel is determined to deserve her. He would give her anything and choose her over anyone, even his own people. He wants to be a man to her, not just a cause. 
Her man. But what can he offer as a fugitive on the run, a prince with no crown?

Can a world at war withstand enemies becoming lovers…and lovers becoming mates.
Lost in the forest, dangers past and present hunt them across the edges of the map. Eastward is their only escape, deeper into the life stolen from Bel. Returning to his people may be their only hope, but bringing a human to the heart of avian country could destroy everything Bel wants to protect.

The only way to carve a place for themselves in this world may be for Bel to finally reclaim his birthright as an Adiiron prince. But time does not heal all wounds and the past does not always stay there…

Fans of Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Grace Draven, Beauty and the Beast, and Lord of the Rings will love this atmospheric fantasy romance duet with noble lady knights, winged lost princes, and enemies to lovers.

Part 2 of the Broken Wings Duet. Readers are highly encouraged to begin with Part 1, Aerie, before enjoying Haven.
This title contains strong language and intimate scenes and is therefore meant for readers 18+.
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