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Healer's Blade - Kyrie Wang

Healer's Blade - Kyrie Wang

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Eighteen-year-old healer Aliwyn lives in solitude after a medical failure leaves her alienated from her village. With the rebellion against William the Conqueror rumbling on the horizon, she longs to practice her medicine in peace.

But when she agrees to hide an orphaned Norman girl, Aliwyn is plunged into the bloody conflict. A daring escape from enemy arrows entangles her with the young rebel leader, Tobias, and she is swept into a world of rival factions and secret alliances. Faced with the insurgent army, she must make difficult choices about treating those she despises. Worst of all, Tobias's compassionate nature turns her perceptions of the enemy upside down.

When Aliwyn uncovers the uprising's fiery weapon, she is determined to take fate into her own hands and save England from sweeping destruction. Can she find the courage to fight for what she believes? And can she resist the magnetic charms of the man she’s vowed to defeat?

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