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His Greatest Muse - Hannah Cowan

His Greatest Muse - Hannah Cowan

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I've known Tinsley since we were children, two souls tangled in a bond that defied explanation. She isn't just my best friend; she's the gravity that keeps me grounded, the magnetic force that draws me in, no matter the consequence. But somewhere along the way, the lines blurred between friendship and something far darker—a relentless obsession that claws at my insides, consuming my every thought.

Her name echoes in my mind like a song, each syllable a desperate plea to the void that’s taken root within me. The world sees a rockstar, but it's her who sees the parts of me I've kept hidden from everyone else—the darkness that threatens to destroy me.

When Tinsley steps into the world of professional boxing, the stage shifts, and so does the nature of my obsession. She joins me on my tour, and as we travel from city to city, a nagging feeling grows that someone is watching her, lurking in the shadows. Their looming presence begins to smother the air around her, casting her success in shadows. The protectiveness I've always felt for her intensifies, driving me to near madness.

With each day that passes, it becomes clearer to me that I’m no longer content with how things have been. I want more. My need for her has erupted into a raging inferno, incinerating any remnants of sanity. I'll sacrifice it all to keep her safe. I'm not seeking redemption; I'm embracing the darkness that defines me. Can my obsession protect her against what I can feel coming, or will it become what devours us both?

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