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House Mate - Leah Brunner

House Mate - Leah Brunner

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Goals for a fresh start:
1. Move out of my parents’ house.
2. Get my teaching career back on track
3. Join a widow support group
4. Don’t fall in love with my dad’s coworker/my new landlord.

After losing my husband three years ago, I’m ready for a fresh start for me and my daughter. I appreciate all of my parents’ help, of course, but I can’t live with them forever (and I don’t want to).

Dr. Drew Reed, my father’s coworker, informs me his basement (turned income-property) is available for rent. And he also needs a part time nanny. Lucky for him, I can do both!

But living in such close-proximity, seeing him in those dang sexy surgical scrubs, and watching him with our girls… is making my heart thaw in ways I never expected.

But am I ready to love again?

(House Mate was previously published as A Love Uncontainable).

Trigger warning... this work of fiction contains vague descriptions of sexual assault and has themes such as, grieving the loss of a spouse. It also contains mild language and references to alcohol.
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