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I Married a Dryad - Regine Abel

I Married a Dryad - Regine Abel

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He was her perfect match.

Fed up with the deadbeats and jerks infesting the standard dating pool, Maeve reaches out to the Prime Mating Agency, hoping to improve her luck. Her fear of ending up with some weird primitive alien is immediately alleviated when she’s paired with a stunning Edocit. Smart, funny, sweet, and as hellbent in protecting the weak and the oppressed as she is, Helio exceeds everything she ever dreamed of. If only she didn’t have to keep so many secrets from him.

Helio hadn’t been actively looking for a mate, least of all an off-worlder. But the moment he lays eyes on Maeve, he’s smitten… but also intimidated. Aside from the cultural shock their pairing is bound to give her, he’s a mere bounty hunter, while she’s a brilliant, high-ranking officer of the Enforcers, the elite intergalactic peacekeeping forces. Despite his insecurities, they’re off to a great start… until tragedy strikes.

With the lives of countless innocents on the line, will the clash of their respective worlds tear them apart, or will they overcome adversity to prevail against evil?
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