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In His Eyes - Julie Olivia

In His Eyes - Julie Olivia

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Unrequited crush? I’ve been there. Done that. Over it.

Ian Chambers is a responsible, intelligent lawyer. But I’ve known Ian for nine years and I can tell you that responsibility does not equal likability. Ian’s also an egotistical, teasing, blue-eyed, accidentally make-you-fall-for-him kind of man. And I want nothing to do with it, thank you very much.

When he quit Treasuries Inc. eight months ago, I thought I was finally rid of him. But when I’m invited to a destination wedding as a bridesmaid and he’s the best man in every sense of the word, it’s not as easy to pretend he doesn’t exist. And this week, he’s dead-set on getting my attention just as he’s tried to for almost a decade.

If he looks at me with that cocky grin and those piercing eyes one more time, I might lose control. You could say that’s a good thing. But you would be wrong.

Ian Chambers can flirt with me as much as he wants, but I refuse to fall for his tricks…


In His Eyes is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy! It is the second book in the Into You Series.

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