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In The Wild - Julie Olivia

In The Wild - Julie Olivia

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I’m an impulsive kind of girl.

Like, ‘buy an old van to renovate and live in it’ kind of impulsive.

So, when my bar game of kiss-a-random-guy-to-make-engaged-ex-jealous lands me in apartment floor sex with Harry, it’s par for the course. Who doesn’t love a sexy mechanic with a tight-fitting white tee that hugs his huge biceps and…a six-year-old daughter?

Thankfully for me, hot daddy Harry needs a babysitter right when I need help repairing my van…and right when I need a fake boyfriend.

I only have to endure three months of this charade while my van gets renovated and then I’ll journey into the wild. Except I’m starting to kinda like Harry. And his daughter is kinda cool. And I kinda sorta may not want to cut town anymore.

This is a different type of wild entirely.

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