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Pages of Passion

Infernal Creatures - Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Infernal Creatures - Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

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The lost warriors are rising.

Vengeance calls upon the wind. What Wolfe has done is unforgivable, and he’ll pay for everything he has taken from us.

But after my choice was made at the ceremony, I’m now trapped with the prince I chose, and the path ahead is draped in peril. A wedding looms upon me, and if I can’t find a way to escape, I will soon be a monster’s bride.

Erik’s promises fall like fire to ash, and I fear there’s no way out now I’ve chosen a life of chains in payment for those broken vows.

But when the gods of old whisper of a new destiny, there may be hope in treading the dangerous road they’ve laid at my feet. Or perhaps this path is steeped in more danger than I’ve ever known.

My choice has cost me everything. My will is bound, and my fate is no longer my own.

In my loss, I chose the bloody path of revenge, so now I must make the most of these gifts I’ve been offered.

My veins run thick with the power of the slayers, and uncovering each skill is like finding drops of sunlight in the darkest of nights. I must hold on to what these strengths can offer me, and not dwell on what they have taken.

Magnar and I are held apart by the gods, and my want for him is ruled by Idun herself.
We will never be together again, but I’ll pay that price if it leads me back to my sister.
I just pray my heart can take another ruinous wound.

***This is a dark, fantasy romance series by the authors of Zodiac Academy with all the enemies to lovers vibes – don’t go expecting a sweet vampire with sparkling skin and a tendency to watch you sleeping. These vampires are savage and bloodthirsty, and the slayer who hunts them will stab first and ask questions later. This war-torn fantasy world is a brutal bi*ch and only those 18+ have a chance at surviving the darkness lurking between these pages. There’s no well-meaning vampires snacking on Bambies instead of babies, and if they get their teeth into you, you’ll be damn lucky to escape with your life and panties intact. So grab hold of your slayer blade (wooden stakes have too many splinters) and get ready to defy the gods, because this is going to be one helluva ride***
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