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Keran's Dawn - Regine Abel

Keran's Dawn - Regine Abel

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For the people and the crown.

When Dawn took over the management of the Braxian hybrid shelter on the sanctuary planet Haven, she never thought its last days would be marked by a series of gruesome murders against its patrons. With local law enforcement failing to capture the murderer, she makes a desperate plea for help to the Braxian Crown Prince, Keran Xeldar. Instead of sending a team, he comes in person. Like all purebloods, Keran is a massive beast of a man, with muscles for days, and brutish features that would set fear in the staunchest hearts. Even his smile is terrifying. And yet, she’s never felt safer than in his presence, or more drawn to a man.

With his coronation only three months away, Keran isn’t thrilled about this impromptu mission. But in light of Braxia’s shameful past where hybrids are concerned, he owes them this much. The moment he lands on Haven, his entire life is turned upside down by Dawn Merrick. By human standards, she’s considered plain. To him, she’s the most stunning female he’s ever beheld. Her intelligence and selfless devotion to the welfare of the hybrids further draw him to her. But what should have been a simple murder investigation turns out to be a blood-curdling conspiracy none of them are prepared for.

As they become entangled in a web of lies, deception, and manipulation, will Keran and Dawn survive this deadly game, or will traitors destroy the entire Braxian empire from within?
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