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Pages of Passion

Liars and Liaisons - Sav R. Miller

Liars and Liaisons - Sav R. Miller

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Kissing a masked stranger wasn’t on Violet Artinos’s list of things she thought would happen at her cousin’s political fundraiser. In fact, her plan was simply to show support, win back the ex-boyfriend rumored to be in attendance, and go on with her off-grid life.

She never would’ve made a move on the stranger if she’d known he wasn’t who she thought, but her ex’s younger brother had other plans.

Out in public for the first time in weeks, Professor Grayson James has his sights set on revenge. When he spots Violet, he immediately ropes her into his plot by kissing and blackmailing her to live at his haunted estate.

He claims it’ll drive his brother mad, but the truth turns out to be more complicated than they ever imagined. Suddenly, Violet’s life of secrets is unraveling at the hands of a dark, depraved man who seems to have no intentions of letting her go.

But his obsession might be exactly what puts her in danger.

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