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Line of Scrimmage - Erin MacKenzie

Line of Scrimmage - Erin MacKenzie

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Football has been the only constant thing in my life for the last twenty years.

Everything I've worked for my whole life has gotten me to this point - playing for Tampa Bay in the NFL as a starting Tight End. I'm not focused on anything other than doing my job for my team; it's everything I've ever wanted. That is, until I meet my teammates little sister.

She's smart and funny and drop dead gorgeous, but she's girlfriend material and I haven't had a girlfriend in over five years. Every instinct in me tells me to back away, but the more I get to know her, the more everything about her draws me in. I know she's off limits - her brother has made that very clear, but somehow that makes the tension between us even more irresistible.

I'm finding myself willing to risk everything for her, if only she'd cross the line with me.

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