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Lost Love Found - Cristina Santos

Lost Love Found - Cristina Santos

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Can they navigate their past traumas and learn to trust each other, to turn this relationship into something real and lasting?

Losing her first love at eighteen, the pain and heartbreak prevent Elaina from letting any man get too close.
A decade later, fate throws her a curveball in a chance encounter with Hollywood star, Adam.
Despite the intense pull between them, Elaina tries to keep her distance, determined not to let anyone shatter her heart again.

Battling his own demons, Hollywood star, Adam, is reluctant to let anyone get too close.
When his publicist suggests a fake girlfriend to silence rumors about his personal life, Elaina readily volunteers. As the couple navigates their fake romance, they realize it is more real than they thought.

In Lost Love Found, readers will be swept away by the poignant story of two wounded souls who find love and healing in each other's arms.

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