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Love Your Queen - Penelope Sky

Love Your Queen - Penelope Sky

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I’ve fallen for my own tricks.

My plan to soften Crewe Donahue seems to be working, because he’s shown me a new side to him. He’s more than just the authoritative businessman with illegal dealings. He’s more than just the closeted criminal. He’s kind, thoughtful…and good to me. If I can make this plan work, I know he’ll let me go.

But I didn’t expect to be a victim in my own plot. Instead of making Crewe care about me, I’ve grown as attached to him. Instead of being a prisoner, I’m the woman in his bed. Instead of meaning nothing to him, I’ve become his confidant. I may have fooled him, but his business partner Ariel sees right through my scheme—and I’m afraid she’ll blow my cover. If she does—he’ll kill me.

I felt nothing for this man when I first arrived, but now he’s become so much more. Joseph and I have a plan to earn my freedom—and I think my brother has even more sinister intents. If I try to call it off, my brother will never forgive me. But if I go through with it…I’ll lose Crewe.

How do I choose?
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