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Mustang Valley - Sienna Judd

Mustang Valley - Sienna Judd

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Falling for my grumpy boss and roommate was never in the plan.
I’m two months away from making my goals a reality and I won’t let Dash Hunter stand in my way. Even if he is my boss, my now housemate and the very person I need to help me.

He might be grumpy, but it should be easy to share this home. The elusive cowboy is up all night and sleeps most days. But the longer I live with him, I discover this lone wolf lives in the darkness for a reason. He holds a painful grudge in his heart he doesn’t want exposed by the daylight.

Dash has just two rules for living together.
Don’t go in his room.
Don’t ask questions.

But his tortured green eyes and the surprisingly tender soul behind them have me wanting to break both.

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