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Off Ice Collision - Cali Melle

Off Ice Collision - Cali Melle

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One moment in time, one freak accident, and my entire hockey career was over.

Two years have passed since my injury and I am still mentally struggling with this loss.

Mad at the world and everyone in it, I sought solace at my parents' lake house for the summer.

It was supposed to be somewhere for me to be alone and heal.

But when London Hayes walks back into my life, the universe has different plans.

And I need to find a way to derail them because I refuse to drag her down with me.


It had been over two years since I'd last seen Vaughn Carter.

And he feels like a stranger.

Cold and distant, abrasive and angry.

He's a shell of a person compared to the version I used to know, but I know he's still in there.

Somewhere deep inside is the man I used to love, but he needs help finding himself again.

And I won't be the one to give up on him, even if it costs me my own heart in the end.

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