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Offside - Avery Keelan

Offside - Avery Keelan

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Heartbreaker. Troublemaker. And my ex's biggest rival.

After my boyfriend of two years unceremoniously dumps me on my twenty-first birthday, my friends drag me to a trendy new nightclub to drown my sorrows. Several drinks later, I spot the perfect rebound standing next to the bar: Chase Carter, my ex's worst enemy. A notorious antagonizer, Chase is cocky, smart-mouthed... and undeniably hot. Even better, he's rumored to be impressively 
skilled at more than just hockey. What better way to move on?

Unfortunately, my plan falls apart after I have one cocktail too many and throw up all over Chase's shoes. Following a night of him taking care of me while I'm at my worst, I'm certain he'll never want to see me again. But the next time our schools face off, he finds me in the crowd after the game—and when we fake a kiss in front of my ex, the sparks that fly are real.

Before I know it, we’re having “study dates” and flirting constantly via text. Beneath his brash exterior, he’s protective and sweet, not to mention 
encouraging. He even takes me out for a do-over birthday celebration to replace the bad memories with happy ones.

The only problem? We're caught in the midst of a bitter rivalry that extends far beyond the arena. My brother hates him, my friends don't approve, and I'm being forced to choose between my loyalties and my heart.

He's the last person I should fall for, but it might just be too late.
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