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Orc Me Baby One More Time - Ava Ross

Orc Me Baby One More Time - Ava Ross

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Can fake dating the town’s orc blacksmith turn into something real?

If I don’t find a date for my grandmother’s weekend birthday bash, my mother plans to set me up with the relative of a friend who has to be ninety. No thanks. On the spur of the moment, I ask the town’s orc blacksmith I’ve been crushing on for months to go with me.

Gunner agrees, and before I know it, we’re sneaking away from Grannie’s bash to steal a few kisses. Finally, I'm getting to know this sweet, shy blacksmith I'd do almost anything to date for real.

After Grannie’s weekend event ends, I figure I'll go back to admiring Gunner from afar. But it turns out he's no longer faking . . .

Orc Me Baby One More Time is part of the Monsterville, USA world (formerly in the Monster Between the Sheets shared world).

Beware: Don’t read unless you enjoy shenanigans with a cinnamon roll orc blacksmith.
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