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Raise the Bar - K.M. Gillis

Raise the Bar - K.M. Gillis

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Sometimes the reward is worth the risk.

Maggie Morales is a woman on a mission. She’s ended a toxic relationship and is ready to find Mr. Right—if she can stop getting distracted by a certain serial-dating Mr. Right Now.

Callum Gallagher, everyone’s favorite multi-millionaire, prefers to rack up successes in the boardroom 
and the bedroom. He has everything and wants nothing. So why can’t he stop thinking about a woman he can't have? And why does he keep going out of his way to be around her?

When Maggie decides to expand her esthetics line, Callum finds himself all too eager to help. An unlikely partnership forms and blurs the lines between business and pleasure, forcing a choice: Will they keep dancing around their undeniable chemistry? Or will they risk heartbreak for the chance to get everything they 
really want?

Author's Note: 
Raise The Bar is the second book in the Love in 2C romantic comedy series. Recommended for anyone who enjoys witty banter, swoon-worthy spicy scenes and happily ever afters. Perfect for fans of Tessa Bailey, Amy Lea, and Stephanie Archer.

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